Artifacts Gallery

Artifacts Gallery

Artifacts Gallery

A view of the Artifacts Gallery from a visitor’s perspective. Notice that only a pane of glass separates you from the artifacts which are in their original settings.

Life of the Shepherd Exhibit

Life of the Shepherd Exhibit

This area will include ancient shepherding artifacts including loom weights and tools that would have been used in the daily life of a shepherd.

Life of Farmer Exhibit

Life of the Farmer Exhibit

The terraced farming area will showcase farming implements, including sickle blades dating back 15,000 years.

Old Testament Tomb

Old Testament Tomb Exhibit

This exhibit is a replica of the Ketef Hinnom excavation which was organized by Dr. Fleming. Artifacts here will include funeral dowry items that would have been buried with ancient people.

Old and New Testament House Exhibits

Old Testament and New Testament House Exhibits

The house on the left is in the style of Old Testament period homes. The one on the right is Roman style. The lighted area underneath will house a family burial exhibit as well as storage jars and a well-head display.

Cooking Area in Old Testament House

Cooking area in the Old Testament Period House Exhibit

Note that the two displays on the cooktop are mobile. The one on the right is for cooking skewered items. The one on the left for heating water, soups, stews, etc.

New Testament Period House

New Testament Period House Exhibit

This house was replicated from one at Pompeii. Artifacts will include coins, cooking utensils, coins, etc. There is also a basement which will house storage jars from this period.

Life of Fisherman Pier Exhibit

Life of the Fisherman Pier Exhibit

This exhibit is reminiscent of the piers at Caesarea Maritima on the coast of Israel. This exhibit will include ancient fishing equipment including anchors, hooks, sinkers, and other tools used by fishermen.

Undersea Shipwreck Exhibit

Undersea Shipwreck Exhibit

This “hull” of a shipwreck will house artifacts including an amphora from an undersea excavation. To add to the setting, kelp and other undersea plant life will be moving with a sea current just above the wreck.

New Testament Tomb

New Testament Tomb Exhibit

Peer into a tomb setting from the New Testament period, including an ancient tomb door and ossuaries (bone boxes) of various styles.

Dr. James Fleming in Israel Antiquities Warehouse

Dr. Fleming in one of the many warehouses of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Here he is discussing selections with members of the IAA staff, including Dr. Uzi Dahari, Deputy Director for Archaeology for IAA.